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A Sunrise Stroll from the Church House to Torver Jetty

Distance: about 3 miles there and back again

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Allow about an hour and a half

If you’re visiting us here at the Church House Inn, there are loads of lovely walks right from our doorstep. The stroll across the fields and down the lane to Torver Jetty is a great introduction to the area and is particularly beautiful in the morning. There you can enjoy a less frequented part of Coniston Water and catch a boat to take a cruise around the lake.

Head down to the bottom of the garden and turn left out of the gate along the old railway track. You’ll soon see a path bearing right across a field. Follow that path and then continue along the little track that takes you to a farm.

Just past the farm, you can’t miss this red sign guiding you down to the jetty. You’ll pass woodland on your right where you'll see herdwick sheep grazing amongst the twisty old oak trees, and maybe even some deer.

You’ll then come to Torver Commons and can see the silvery lake water glimmering between the trees. Head down hill over the grass and along the path towards the lake shore with a dry stone wall on your right.

You're there! Enjoy the tranquility of the lake and pier. You can also take a boat from here for a tour around Coniston Water. Information and timetables here.

The pier at Torver jetty

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